Ministry Training for the Local Church

MINISTRY TRAINING  for the Local Church
Equipping Believers To Reach Communities Through The Local Church

CONNECTIONS MINISTRY TRAINING helps us to understand and achieve three main purposes or goals:

Connect to God through Jesus Christ – Connect People to People – Connect People to the Local Church

Ministry Training for the Local ChurchConnecting People to God

Our primary service to the community around us, is sharing the truth of the Gospel.

Jesus instructs us to:

“Go into all the world and preach the Gospel…” Mark 16:15

CONNECTIONS MINISTRY TRAINING helps to reinforce the idea that evangelism is not a program, but a lifestyle that each of us should be living each day. Those who go through our training, soon begin to recognize and take advantage of the opportunities all around them to share the Good News of the Gospel, resulting in New Converts and New Church Members.

Evangelism Training for the Local ChurchConnecting People to People

Everyone wants friends and a sense of belonging. One of the top reasons that people visit a church, then never return, is because they don’t feel like they fit on a social level.

CONNECTIONS MINISTRY TRAINING helps existing church members to be more aware of visitors, and equips them to better
see opportunities to build relationships that will lead to spiritual conversations in the future. In most cases, we must make personal connections and build relationships, in order to have opportunities to connect people to God.

Connecting People To The Local Church

Connect to the Local Church – God’s chosen instrument for discipleship and spiritual growth is the local church. We are instructed in Hebrews 10:25 to “Not forsake the assembling of ourselves…”, but to encourage
and exhort one another.

understand how their gifts fit in the context of the local church. They
begin to recognize their responsibility to become more actively engaged
in the discipleship process personally, in order to be better equipped to
help others in following Jesus.

For more information about CONNECTIONS MINISTRY TRAINING materials or for information on scheduling a TRAINING WORKSHOP, please contact us by clicking here.

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